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Trade Show

Appropriate Products for Energy and Health

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Trade Show Exhibitors
We are pleased to have top companies and products in our Show.  Below is a partial list of  products and exhibitors that will be attending:

Advanced Insolutions Inc.

Agepan Wood Insulation

American Sprayed Fibers, Inc. Cellulose Insulation

Applegate Cellulose & Cotton Insulation
Made from up to 85% recycled content, Applegate Cellulose Insulation and Cotton Armor Insulation (which utilizes a zero-waste manufacturing process) are the sustainable solutions to residential and commercial energy savings, sound control, health and safety needs.

Aspen Aerogels Insulation

BamCore is a stud less hollow wall framing system using bamboo panels as the core composite of each panel. It replaces studs, headers, exterior sheeting and interior sheet rock on vertical surfaces. It is a healthy building system alternative with no added formaldehyde binders or other compounds that off gas. The composite bamboo panels greatly reduce the carbon footprint of homes and office buildings and sequesters 30% more CO2 emissions than our forests, reducing the effect on climate change.

BarkHouse Bark Siding

Boulder Ridge Sash & Door

Bonded Logic Cotton Insulation

California Straw Building Association

Cascadia Windows & Doors

Golden State Lumber

KPS Wool Insulation
KPS sheep wool insulation is made from natural fiber. It does not emit formaldehyde.Wool insulation is sustainable and renewable, and biodegradable after its useful life.Sheep wool insulation is safe to handle and easy to install.It has an added benefit as a sound absorber.

Oregon Shepherd Wool Insulation

M Sora Windows

MF Murray Company

Marvin Windows

Prosoco Weather Barrier

Roxul Mineral Wool

St Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes

Thermacork Cork Insulation

Santa Cruz Millwork Windows & Doors

SIGA Tapes and Weather Barriers
SIGA is a manufacturer of high performance tapes, sealants and membranes designed to protect the building envelope from air, vapor, and moisture leakage. All SIGA products are free of VOCs and residential toxins such as added urea-formaldehyde, solvents or resins.

Small Planet Workshop

Vaproshield Weather Barriers

Watershed Materials
Watershed Materials designs and manufactures a green, low carbon, sustainable building product called the Watershed Block - a beautiful and versatile masonry unit made of locally-sourced earth and recycled aggregates.

Zip System, Huber Engineered Wood


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