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Prison Links

Prison Information. We encourage you to learn more about some of the other organizations that are engaged in this work, and, if you feel so inclined, to support them financially or in other capacities.

360 Degrees has a beautifully designed presentation of information and discussion on prison issues.

California Prison Focus provides information on prison conditions.

Critical Resistance is a group researching and challenging the prison-industrial complex.

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is campaigning for human rights within the U.S. Justice system, and hosts the "Books not Bars" project to link school lack of funds to prison expansion.

Justice Policy Institute for legal issues related to the Justice system.

Pennsylvania Prison Society is the oldest prisoner advocacy organization in the United States, the originator of the Eastern State Penitentiary design, and now a proponent of
Restorative Justice.

Prison Activist Resource Center has extensive links to resources on specific areas of prison impacts or prison activism.

Real Cost of Prisons Project has a wealth of information on the overwhelmingly negative impact of prisons on communities, including historical, economic and illustrated sources. www.realcostofprisons.org

The Sentencing Project provides information on legal issues related to the justice system. www.sentencingproject.org

Professional Organizations. Please note that the follwoing groups have no formal connection to or position on this campaign.

AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice is a professional interest group for designers of prisons, police facilities, and courthouses. Readers may be interested in this link to see other aspects of professional design work on prisons.

National Organization of Minority Architects is dedicated to minimizing the effect of racism in the architectural profession. Readers concerned with racism in society, the prison system and/or the architectural profession may find this link of interest.
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