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Press Releases

For more information contact: Raphael Sperry, ADPSR (415) 944-1456

June 5, 2006; Press Release: National Architects Group Censors Prison Critics: AIA rejects slide of Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo facilities in panel on ethics of prison design

January 26, 2006; Press Release: Prison Design Boycott reaches 500 signers, receives $5,000 grant, on front cover of magazine

September 1, 2005: Poster Competition Announcement & Press Conference

June 10, 2005; Press Release: Poster Design Competition Call for Entries

November 19, 2004; Press Release: Designer Quits over Prison Work, National Prison Design Boycott Gains Momentum

September 22, 2004; Press Release: Architects Say “NO” to Prisons, Group Launches National Prison Design Boycott

In the Press

Summer, 2006: Razor Wire The magazine of the November Coalition featured ADPSR's poster competition winners.

Summer, 2006: Editor's Comment defending ADPSR's free speech rights, reprinted from arcCA (Architecture California), the quarterly journal of the AIA California Council, vol. 06, no. 3, "Preserving Modernism."

June 9, 2006: ADPSR President claims AIA censored prisons presentation in Building Design & Construction online

May/June 2006: "Rethinking Prison Design" in L.A. Architect magazine

Dec 2005: "Prison Design Boycott - a Challenge to the Professional Business of Incarceration," in Prison Legal News. PDF format Reprinted with permission of Prison Legal News.

July/Aug 2005: An article by Stephen A. Carter provides a thoughtful industry perspective on our campaign: Joining the Parade! Should Architects Stop Designing Prisons? from Correctional News

May 6, 2005: Prison Boycott Responses in ArchVoices.org

May 3, 2005: Article by Joe Garofoli, Just say no to prison jobs, architect urges colleagues; He says ethics demand jail-design boycott, in the San Francisco Chronicle.

May 2, 2005: San Francisco Group Staging Prison Design Boycott in Architectural Record

May/June 2005: Home Security: Architects say building houses, not jails, is the way to cut crime, in Utne Magazine ($ purchase required)

April 22, 2005: Prison Design Boycott in ArchVoices.org, an "independent, nonprofit organization and think tank on architectural education, internship, and licensure."

Apr 25, 2005: Bryan Finoki interviews ADPSR's Raphael Sperry in the article De:constructing Recidivism in Archinect

Jan/Feb 2005: Letter by Raphael Sperry, from Environmental Design and Construction. PDF format

Dec 2004: An article by Raphael Sperry, "Opposing Prisons: Education versus Incarceration," in ArcCA. PDF format Reprinted with permission of AIACC and ArcCA.

Nov/Dec 2004: An article in Designer/Builder Magazine, by Kingsley Hammett. PDF format

October 13, 2004: An article in Archinect by Bryan Finoki, Boycotting Prison Design

October 12, 2004: Posted by Alex Steffen on the WorldChanging.com website: Prison Design Boycott: The Second Superpower – Cooperation, Politics and Activism

September 14, 2004: Architecturemag.com features prison campaign: Activist Architect Group Calls for Prison Design Boycott


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