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past ADPSR conferences

for a Just Metropolis

ADPSR partners with Planners Network for a 2013 conference in New York City, June 6–8

Call for Proposals!

Cataclysmic events are making urban neighborhoods vulnerable to displacement and exposing the inadequacies of traditional planning.

Hurricane Sandy laid bare the ongoing crises in low-income communities: unemployment, foreclosures, homelessness, and service cutbacks. Historic patterns of racial discrimination isolated the most vulnerable while wealthier, better-connected residents had the privilege of mobility. Traditional planning policies have facilitated segregated affordable housing and promoted carbon-intensive growth and waterfront development without regard to long-term consequences. Local and federal responses failed poor communities in the wake of the storm and many community-based organizations and activist networks mobilized to fill the gaps. This organizing continues and often strives to go beyond meeting immediate needs for relief towards planning and building a more just collective future. The situations revealed in New York have corollaries in cities across the US and the world.

Questions arise: how can activists, academics, and professionals promote alternative, more sustainable, and just ways of preserving and developing the metropolis? What lessons have been learned? What role can progressive planners play?

We invite your proposals for community-based workshops, discussions, speakers, and plenaries. Preferred topics include: socially just disaster preparedness and response; environmental justice; cross-sector alliances and organizing; meaningful and equitable employment; climate change; racial, class, and gender justice in planning and zoning policies; waterfront planning; housing justice including affordable housing and quality public housing; gentrification and displacement; redefining/reexamining urban security; transportation justice; water security; and food security.


Toward a Just Metropolis

ADPSR in partnership with Planners Network, The Association for Community Design, and the Center for the Living City produced Toward a Just Metropolis, a 2010 conference dedicated to a just future for all human settlements.


More than 450 planners, architects, designers, urban activists, educators, journalists, policymakers, academics, students, and concerned citizens from diverse backgrounds across North America attended. All shared a passion for social, economic, and environmental justice, and were committed to exchanging their experiences and visions for robust civic engagement, innovative planning, and inclusive community building.


The four-day event was held at various sites throught the SF Bay Area and hosted by the Department of City and Regional Planning and the College of Environmental Design (CED) at the University of California, Berkeley.



ADPSR 2011 International Green Schoolyards Conference

New Village Press/ADPSR and the San Francisco Green Schoolyards Alliance jointly hosted a hugely successful Engaging Our Grounds, International Green Schoolyards Conference September 16-18, 2011, at multiple sites in the SF Bay Area. The conference featured presentations by leaders of a growing worldwide movement to transform schoolgrounds into living ecological oases for learning and play. Conference director was Sharon Danks, environmental designer and author of Asphalt to Ecosystems: Design Ideas for Schoolyard Transformation.

OccupyOaklandGA-72.jpgADPSR Supports Freedom of Assembly

1. We support the right of citizens to peaceful protests and freedom of expression.
2. We support the principle of non-violent actions for social change.
3. We support the use of public space for political expressions and dialogues.
4. We stand in solidarity with communities and activist organizations around the world seeking democracy and economic, environmental and social justice.
5. We call architects, designers, landscape architects, and planners to support the Occupy Movement through individual and collective actions.

Read ADPSR's full support statement.