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NorCal Past Events

Past Event Presentations

March 19th, 2013, "Active Solar Design for Building Professionals," with Gary Gerber
Click here to download a pdf version of this presentation (2.4 MB)

February 21st, 2012, "European Passive House, Part II:  Drilling into the Details on Passive House Low Energy Building Standards

"Mechanical Architecture Design for Passive House", (3.2 MB)
Dan Johnson, Integral Impact

"Mo Betta Buildings" (17.8 MB)
Graham Irwin, Essential Habitat Consulting

also presenting, Prudence Fereirra, Integral Impact (visuals coming soon) and Josh Moore (no visuals)

January 18th, 2012, "European Passive House Part I:  European Passive House in the California Context

"European Passive House in the California Context" (6.1 MB)
Nabih Tahan, Cree GmbH

"Top 10 Reasons to Build Passive House in California 2012" (3.5 MB)
Bronwyn Berry, One Sky Homes

October 18th, 2011, "Learning from the Netherlands, Part 1:  Designing a 200 Year Climate Resiliency Plan for the Bay Area"
Presentations coming soon.

Introductory Remarks:  Bart van Bolhuis, Consul General for The Netherlands in San Francisco

Moderator:  Mark Hertsgaard, journalist and author

Steven Goldbeck, Deputy Director at the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

Dilip Trivedi, Dr. Eng., P.E. iSenior Coastal and Civil Engineer with Moffatt & Nichol

Peter Wijsman, Project Manager, ARCADIS-US,

September 20th, 2011, Author Event:  Ann Edminster,  "Energy Free: Homes for a Small Planet"
Click here to download a pdf version of this presentation

July 19th, 2011, "Energy Upgrade California's Retrofit Bonanza"

"Controlling Residential Electricity Baseloads" (712 kb)
by Chris Hunt of PowerDown

"Complete Energy Solutions" (819 kb)
by John Walker of Solar City

"Ultimate Home Performance" (907 kb)
by Bachi Brunato of Ultimate Home Performance

Other Presenters (no visuals)

Jeffery Liang, Ecology Action

Friday Apaliski, Department of the Environment, City & County of San Francisco

June 21st, 2011, "Natural and Unnatural Building in Haiti: Responses to economic, cultural, and seismic challenges in the 18 months since the earthquake"

Bob Theis Architect / Planner
Bob has worked on several projects in Haiti over the past year in association with Green Microfinance and the Peasants Association of Fondwa.  He has also designed more than 100 buildings employing natural building techniques around the world.
Click here to download Bob's presentation (images only, 1.1 mb)
Click here to download Bob's presentation (with notes, 1.1 mb)

more presentations from this event coming soon!

May 17th, 2011, "Utility Scale Renewables Forum:  Accelerating the Transition to Renewables: 33% and Beyond"

"33% RPS and Beyond" (481 kb)
by Roy Phillips REP Energy, Inc.

"Accelerating the Transition to Renewables:  33% and Beyond" (1498 kb)
by Laura Wisland of Union of Concerned Scientists

 "The Role of Renewables for Meeting our Climate and Energy Goals" (1427 kb)
by Carl Zichella, Natural Resources Defense Council


more presentations from previous events coming soon!