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Better Insulation Solutions 2014

ADPSR's Better Insulation Solutions
March 19, 2014, San Francisco

Health and High Performance in an Overheating World

Join us for an exceptional day of discovery as we explore green and low impact strategies for meeting the highest standards in energy efficiency. 

Clients and Building Codes in California demand ever greater energy performance.  Can we meet those demands without damaging environmental and personal health?  There are now materials and products that can provide high performance without toxic chemicals and without potential risks more complex than we understand.  We must find solutions that provide "both-and" rather than "either-or"!

This one-day event will feature seminars and a trade show looking beyond efficiency to a goal of insulation for well-being.  Top energy efficiency, health and building experts will help us learn how to make the best insulation decisions for each project. The showcase will feature the best in insulation and building weatherization products that offer high building performance with a minimum of embodied energy and toxic chemicals.

It was just back in 1992 that ADPSR hosted one of the first healthy building conferences, and we hosted the Green Materials Showcase for 8 years.  While the boom in green building has surpassed our wildest dreams, we continue to work towards energy efficiency without damaging our global environment and human health. 

Add comfort to your projects with informed and responsible insulation choices.  Stabilizing temperatures and environmental health don't have to be at odds.

More information will be coming soon.  If you are interested in helping please email insulationshow@adpsr.org.