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Engaging Our Grounds—International Green Schoolyard Conference
September 16th-18th 2011
Berkeley and San Francisco

The green schoolyard movement is growing rapidly and flourishing around the world. Schools near and far are re-imagining their grounds, replacing their extensive paved surfaces with a vibrant mosaic of outdoor learning and play opportunities.

The first International Green Schoolyard Conference was held in the United States,  September 16-18, 2011 . Participants learned about cutting edge schoolyards and school gardens, met like-minded colleagues from the United States and abroad, shares ideas, toured exemplary local school grounds, and got inspired to bring ideas back to their own communities.

For more information about the conference visit http://greenschoolyards.org.

We are also excited to spread the word that the conference director, Sharon Danks, was featured (twice!) in Landscape Architecture Magazine, including a very complimentary review of her latest work, Asphalt to Ecosystems.

This conference was co-produced by ADPSR/New Village and the San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance.