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PDB Endorsements

ADPSR is working with organizations devoted to criminal justice reform, advocacy for people in prison, and the communities most affected by the prison system to present positive alternatives to our failed system of mass incarceration. We are also soliciting endorsements from organizations within the spheres of art, architecture, design and planning to support our efforts and develop a strong collective voice for concerned professionals. Together, we can build the will necessary to achieve real change! Please contact ADPSR to offer your group's endorsement, or to request our support for related campaigns.

The following groups have formally endorsed the Prison Design Boycott as of Jul 28, 2006:

Policy and Advocacy Groups

Critical Resistance, Oakland, CA

Justice Policy Institute, Washington, DC

November Coalition, Colville, WA

Partnership for Safety and Justice, Portland, OR

Architecture, Art and Planning Groups

Asian Neighborhood Design, San Francisco, CA