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Board of Directors

Franziska Amacher, AIA, LEED AP, Architect/Planner, Principal, Amacher and Associates, Cambridge, MA.

Jody Beck, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Colorado, Denver. ADPSR Secretary.

Lynne Elizabeth, Director, New Village Press, New York City. ADPSR Vice President.

Mary Ann Gallagher, Berkeley, CA, lnteractive event designer and green energy agent, former co-producer of West Coast Green.

Kelly Gregory, San Francisco, CA. Architect, David Baker Architects.

Dr. Sandra Hernandez-Colon, New York City. Human settlement rights and preservation of indigenous cultures ADPSR NGO representative United Nations HABITAT Commission.

Shawn Hesse, architect, sustainability expert at Emersion Design, Boston.

Jeff Hou, Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle.

Don Lever, Student, University of Utah School of Architecture, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ben Spencer, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Washington , Seattle. ADPSR ArcPeace representative.

Raphael Sperry, AIA, LEED AP. Soros Justice Fellow, San Francisco. ADPSR President.

Deanna Van Buren, NOMA, LEED AP, Assoc AIA. Principal, FOURM Design Studio, Oakland.

Dan Whittet is a sustainability and high performance buildings consultant, based in Boston. ADPSR Treasurer.