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Lewis Mumford Award Nominations

Each year, Architects/ Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR) recognizes and honors individuals and organizations that further our mission of Peace, Sustainable Development, and the Environment. The National Board requests your assistance in nominations for Lewis Mumford Awards. 

Click here for a list of previous recipients.

This is your chance to reward those deserving recognition for outstanding achievement in any or all of these three categories.

Please fill out the form below to nominate worthy individuals or organizations.  Please provide a separate form for each nominee.  If you have any questions, please contact mumford@adpsr.org, phone 510.845.1000

Nominations are reviewed by the National Board of ADPSR, who will make the final decision.  We look forward to your participation and your nominations.

Information is available at www.adpsr.org/home/mumford_awards

Please fill out one form per category: Peace, Development, Environment.  You may nominate more than one person in a category, but please use a separate form for each nominee.  In addition, we ask that nominations include additional biographical information on the nominee to help our decision process.

Fields with a * are required information, nominations will not be accepted without this information.

You may also download a Word Document with the nomination form and email it to mumford@adpsr.org

Category (Peace, Development, or Environment)*
Nominee's Name*
Nominee's Address*
Zip Code
Contact Name*
Brief Description (send a separate email for longer descriptions or attached files)*
Nominator's Name*
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