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Community Built Association Event

Community Built Association Event
Lynne Elizabeth - Mon Oct 17, 2011 @ 07:04PM
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9 AM – 5 PM

(Berkeley Adventure Playground)
160 University Avenue, Berkeley, California

Community_Built.pngIf you are a community-built professional
If you think you might want to become one
If you have a dream to turn your place into a community resource with your friends and neighbors and want to find out how to accomplish it . . .

JOIN US for a special one-day gathering of artists, designers, architects, planners and gardeners, who will meet to:

• discuss past and recent work with introductory slide presentations

• share methods and techniques  (bring your favorite tool and show how it works for you!)

• hear professionals discuss how the community built process can affect change in education

It will be a great opportunity to connect with others in the Bay Area who are doing this important work and to introduce the community-built process to those who are unfamiliar with it.

(Also, there is a possibility for a community-build to create a new play feature in the Adventure Playground on the next day, November 12.)

$17 for Community Built Association members
$20 for non-members – Pay at the door

Includes a picnic lunch and tour of the Adventure Playground!

Sign up for membership and enter free!

• Community/Student - $25

• Professional - $40

• Business/Organization - $100

To introduce yourself and your work to the group send 3 – 5 jpeg images to:  schoolworx [at] aol.com


Comments: 15


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